At Zelcer Law Firm we are driven by the motto to convert each one of our clients into regular clients who are satisfied and who highly recommend the legal services we provide. Below you will find a small selection of recent recommendations and testimonials from some of our clients:

Attorney Alan L. Rothenberg, owner of the Rothenberg Law Firm based in the U.S. wrote the following about Mr. Amihai Zelcer:

אלן גפג

 Avi White from First source interactive wrote: 

"Helpful, responsive and detail oriented attorney! We recently formed a new company and the process was seamless because of Amihai's expertise in contract negotiation and preparation! Sub contractor agreements, distributer contracts, marketing agreements etc.  We are very pleased with his work and attention to details that hadn't occurred to us. He is definitely part of our corporate team and we include him in the fine details on a moment’s notice! Highly recommend this lawyer in Israel!"

 Avi White, CEO



Danny Katz from America's Lock wrote: 

 "Excellent business Attorney. I am so glad we engaged Mr. Zelcer to provide all of our legal services to keep up with an increasing number of disputes, hiring employees and subcontractors and a whole lot of paper work as we entered more states. He consistently met deadlines with thoughtful counsel, keeping the big picture business objectives in mind, maintaining smaller issues in their proper perspective. I'd welcome the chance to work with him again anytime."

 Danny Katz, COO



 Eti Mazor from Payperformance wrote:  

"I highly recommend Amihai Zelcer for legal advice. I searched the internet and interviewed countless lawyers in Israel before I made my choice. He is obviously highly qualified yet no job is too small, he is reasonably priced, and the most honest lawyer I have ever met. We've used him for ongoing issues for our start up."

 Eti Mazor, CEO 



Z. A. from Jerusalem wrote:

"I would like to thank the Zelcer Law Firm for their dedicated care while providing legal solutions and for selecting the most effective course of action for me.

The service I received was reliable, professional and personal.

Special thanks go to Attorney Amihai Zelcer for his assistance in completing the complex transaction.


 Z. A.




Y. M. from Modi’n wrote:

"Thank you first and foremost to Attorney Amihai Zelcer and his office staff.

Your availability, courteousy and your extensive knowledge in your areas of legal practice are only a small part of the things I could say about you…

Thank you for the legal advice! Thank you for the tips that saved me a fortune!

Thank you again for the personal attention and your constant availability!”

Y. M.




M. S. from Ramla wrote:

"Hello to the Zelcer Law Firm,

I really want to thank you for the excellent legal service I received as well as the support and guidance.

I contacted you ‘by chance’ after finding your details on the Internet, and your availability and dedication impressed me immensely from the very first moment. I later discovered that your professionalism is even more impressive.

The way you handled my case with dedication and professionalism is highly commendable!

I now know that I have found a law firm who is reliable, fair and professional. Thank you for everything!"





Ronit C. from Be’er Yaakov wrote the following about Mr. Amihai Zelcer:

"To Attorney Amihai Zelcer,

I wanted to express and describe a little about what I felt when you represented me regarding my father’s order of inheritance.

From the first phone call, I realized that I was in good hands when you demonstrated gentleness, sensitivity and the detailed questions you asked clearly reflected your knowledge and experience in the area you handled for me. This made me feel that I had arrived at the right place and that the recommendations that I had received about you, were correct.

With you, I felt that my success was in good hands and even before you completed dealing with the inheritance order, I felt comfortable recommending your services to a work colleague which I did.

When you completed the required legal services for me, I realized that I was not wrong about you.

Thank you!”

Ronit C.

Be’er Yaakov