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Real Estate Law

Real Estate

The Israeli real estate market is booming, with the number of real estate transactions increasing dramatically from one year to the next. Whether you’re purchasing an apartment for residential purposes or acquiring land for future development, investing in real estate has undoubtedly become one of the most popular investment channels today.

Residential Real Estate Services

  • When you invest in real estate or purchase a residential property, it is important to understand that to complete the transaction, complex operations are required which demand legal services to safeguard your interests. Within the field of real estate, it is recommended that buyers use the services of an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced within this arena.

    At the Zelcer Law Firm, we are pleased to provide you with the relevant legal support needed to make a favorable deal and minimize the potential for legal complications, which exist in every residential real estate transaction.

    The Zelcer Law Firm specializes in the following residential real estate law services:

    • Preparation of contracts for sales and purchases
    • Legal advice on buying a new property
    • Purchase contracts with the contractor
    • Transaction registration
    • Preparation of rental agreements
    • Land clearance – eviction from property
    • Real estate negotiations
    • Combination agreements
    • Contracts with contractors
    • Representation of parties in different real estate disputes
    • Asset Management
    • Land sharing agreements

    About our Residential Real Estate Services
    Real estate transactions are one of the most significant financial transactions a person will make during their lifetime. Because of this enormity, obtaining legal services from leading professionals is critical.

    Here’s what sets the Zelcer Law Firm apart from the competition:

    Experience, experience and once more, experience! New players in the real estate field are often tempted to use the legal services of attorneys who do not specialize in real estate and are not proficient in all aspects of real estate transactions. The main advantage of the Zelcer Law Firm is the vast experience we have in supporting real estate transactions. Our attorneys are not only qualified in practicing law, but they specialize in the real estate field. Therefore, the service we provide our clients is professional and focused. Once you have turned to us for legal assistance, you will know you are in competent and professional hands.

    A person who is not regularly involved in the real estate field does not always understand this world, especially if it is their first residential real estate transaction. We strive to make the whole real estate process, including the execution of the transaction, more user-friendly for our clients. We clearly explain each step of the real estate process, from the moment you decide that you want to make an offer, right up to the completion of the transaction.

    Mr. Amihai Zelcer’s knowledge and real estate experience is not limited to his legal practice. Mr. Zelcer is also a lecturer of real estate for a preparatory course for realtors for the Ministry of Justice. He is a partner in various real estate ventures and he personally invests in the real estate sector both in Israel and the United States. The vast knowledge and experience that Mr. Zelcer has in the real estate field is what differentiates the Zelcer Law Firm from other offices. When it comes to real estate transactions, there is a significant advantage when an attorney understands the commercial-economic elements of a real estate transaction and contributes their experience and talents to the deal.

    Our guiding principle is first to be human before being attorneys. Once you decide to hire us, we are always available to answer your questions and address any concerns. To ensure easy accessibility, each of our clients receives the mobile phone number of the attorney handling their case. Mr. Zelcer is also available to answer any questions a client may have, even if the case is being managed by another attorney in the firm.

    We invite you to a free initial consultation to get to know us on a more personal level and experience our professionalism and real estate knowledge firsthand.

Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate market in Israel is constantly expanding and evolving. Commercial real estate transactions involve a range of complex laws and regulations which need to be coordinated and handled efficiently. These include property negotiations, the transfer of ownership rights, local tax regulations, and many more. It is recommended that you work with an attorney who has experience and knowledge within the commercial real estate field to safeguard your interests.

The Zelcer Law Firm specializes in a variety of real estate transactions, representing local and international corporate clients, construction companies, contractors, building management companies, investors, corporations, real estate developers, and institutional lenders in a wide range of commercial real estate projects. We provide legal support and advice to assist our clients throughout the real estate process, including the acquisition of property, obtaining permits, securing financing, preparing agreements, and the completion of sales according to the regulations of the Israel Land Authority, the Land Tax Authority, municipal authorities, and zoning boards.

Among other services, the Zelcer Law Firm specializes in commercial real estate transactions within the following areas:

  • Acquisition and sale of commercial properties
  • Drafting and preparation of contracts for sales and purchases
  • Construction and leasing of commercial real estate
  • Real estate negotiations and dispute resolution
  • Representation of landlord or tenants in commercial leases
  • Contractor and subcontractor agreements
  • Registration of transactions and transferring real estate property rights
  • Eviction and land clearing
  • Asset Management
  • Legal advice on tax issues and implications
  • Preparation of rental agreements

The attorneys at the Zelcer Law Firm will negotiate the different clauses within a commercial real estate contract until all parties are satisfied with and accept the terms. They will also gather all required documentation and information related to the property, address land use and zoning ordinances, examine the ownership rights and attached obligations, assist with registrations, obtain the relevant permits, and receive declarations and securities from the other parties to ensure the future rights for our clients. If required, we assist our clients in obtaining appraisals for the property in question.

About our Commercial Real Estate Services

With so many real estate attorneys in Israel, you may be wondering why the Zelcer Law Firm is recognized as a leading firm within the commercial real estate field.

Here’s what makes our services exceptional:

We have extensive experience within this field and we are proficient in all of the details involved in commercial real estate transactions, both big and small. We fully understand the enormity of these types of transactions, which usually involve large sums of money and many different parties. Our attorneys have vast experience in the field of Real Estate Law in Israel and use their expertise to provide our clients with professional and focused legal assistance to ensure optimum results.

The complexity of commercial real estate transactions often cause the involved parties to feel overwhelmed by the process. Realizing this, our attorneys approach each client with sensitivity and patience and take the time to explain each stage of the process in detail without complicated legal jargon. In this way, the client is able to make educated decisions and can feel confident that their real estate transaction is in the hands of experienced professionals.

Mr. Amihai Zelcer, who is the head of the Zelcer Law Firm, has extensive real estate experience outside of his legal practice. He is a lecturer of real estate for a preparatory course for realtors for the Ministry of Justice and is also experienced within the commercial real estate field, personally investing in the real estate sector both locally and internationally. With the wealth of information that Mr. Zelcer contributes to the firm, our attorneys hold the upper hand when it comes to both the legal and the commercial-economic elements of a commercial real estate transaction.

Our firm is dedicated to providing quality legal support while placing emphasis on our relationships with our clients. In order for our clients to feel confident in our services, we strongly believe in being available and responsive and it is for this reason that each client receives the personal contact number of the attorney handling their case. Mr. Zelcer oversees all cases in the firm and he is also available to answer any client’s questions, even if he is not directly handling the case.

We understand that a firm cannot be judged solely on what they say and that actions matter as well. We invite you to contact the Zelcer Law Firm to set up an initial free consultation so you can have the opportunity to experience top legal support and commercial real estate services that are executed with professionalism, reliability, and a true concern for our clients.

Real Estate Litigation Services

Real estate law in Israel is complicated, which is why it’s best to seek support from a qualified real estate attorney at the time of a transaction. When a dispute between parties escalates to litigation, the Zelcer Law Firm provides skilled representation in the following types of situations:

  • Sale and purchase contractual disputes
  • Contract interpretation and meaning
  • Eviction order disputes
  • Land sharing agreement disputes
  • Enforcing commercial or residential property leases and rental agreements
  • Property ownership disputes
  • Construction company breaches of agreement
  • Access to property disputes

There are several classes of property ownership in Israel, including state-owned property, property owned by the Jewish National Fund and managed by the Israel Land Authority, and privately-owned property. Each type of property has different laws governing ownership registration. The Zelcer Law Firm is well-versed in the intricacies of Israeli real estate law, as founder Amihai Zelcer is both a real estate investor himself and an expert recognized for his expertise and knowledge on the subject of real estate.

If you’re in a situation where you need an attorney to assist you with a real estate dispute, contact the Zelcer Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our real estate litigation attorneys.

Real Estate Management

The field of real estate asset management requires extensive knowledge in a variety of areas. With its myriad of different elements, the real estate field is legally broad and incorporates both legislation and case law on the subject.

Real estate management by a legal firm ensures a winning combination of understanding the legalities involved and also the commercial-business elements at play. Both of these components are required to achieve optimum results.

Today, most property owners use the services of a property manager. Whether you are living abroad or in Israel, the Zelcer Law Firm offers professional property management services that are reliable and safe, along with comprehensive solutions for managing your property effectively so you can get the most out of your investment. Our familiarity with various industry professionals, our understanding of the real estate field, and our extensive legal knowledge gives our firm an advantage.

Zelcer Law Firm offers our clients a range of legal services within the real estate management field, including:

  • Asset management
  • Negotiations in the purchase of property
  • Sales negotiations
  • Dissolution of land sharing between partners
  • Eviction from property – filing a claim for an eviction order
  • Collection of rent for property owners
  • Sale of property process including elicitation
  • Property realization (apartments, houses, and commercial properties) while maximizing the value
  • Drawing up of contractor agreements and contracts
  • Finding potential and quality lessees including financial background checks and financial stability
  • Legal advice for the purchase of property, covering all the legal and commercial requirements to perform a real estate transaction that is beneficial, economical, and safe.

About Our Real Estate Management Services
The Zelcer Law Firm offers real estate management services to the citizens of Israel, foreign nationals, companies, contractors, organizations and associations. Our firm deals with property owners in Modi’in and in other cities. Here’s why our real estate management services are used by so many property owners in Israel:

We have experience in a wide variety of real estate matters, such as rentals, sales, dissolution of land sharing, evictions, rent collections, preparation of various real estate agreements, and other matters related to property management.

Mr. Amihai Zelcer’s vast business experience in real estate allows the Zelcer Law Firm to provide our customers with the best service and the best results, both legally and commercially. He is a lecturer of real estate for a preparatory course for realtors for the Ministry of Justice and his rich knowledge of real estate management and flawless reputation have contributed to the services we provide at our firm.

Real estate requires legal and commercial support at each stage of the transaction. At the Zelcer Law Firm, we offer personal support throughout the process, providing our clients with premium legal advice so they have the necessary tools to achieve the best deal for themselves.

The real estate field requires expert thinking. To be successful, you must make the right moves at the right time. The risks and losses that are involved in a real estate transaction can be far-reaching if they are not handled well. This means the transaction process requires the support and guidance of professionals with commercial-business knowledge and a clear understanding of all the legal aspects involved in real estate. At the Zelcer Law Firm, we provide our clients with comprehensive commercial and legal advice that is imperative to successful real estate transactions.

We invite you to get to know us on a more personal level and experience our professionalism by scheduling an appointment for a free initial consultation.

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