The Zelcer Law Firm has an experienced litigation department that provides assistance to clients who are in legal trouble, facing unexpected claims, or are considering filing a lawsuit against another party. Whatever the reason you’re searching for a litigation attorney in Israel, our team has the knowledge to assist you.

The process begins with a free initial consultation on the subject of your claim. Should you decide to have the Zelcer Law Firm represent you in court, we will help you achieve what is rightfully due to you and get you the results you deserve. We also have experience in mediation and other alternative means of dispute resolution. When we believe legal proceedings are not in your best interest, we will advise you of these options.

While every attorney may be qualified in litigation, not every attorney is a good litigator.

Civil Litigation

  • Zelcer Law Firm primarily provides litigation services in the civil–commercial arena. However, as part of our overall legal services, if we are presented with a legal requirement in a field outside of this specialty, we ensure that we are assisted by other professional attorneys who specialize in the required legal fields.

    About Our Civil Litigation Services

    Here are some of the key reasons why you should choose the Zelcer Law Firm when you need civil litigation services:

    • Our firm offers representation in all courts (Magistrate, District, Supreme Court and High Court of Justice) and in other judicial tribunals. In addition, our firm represents clients in quasi-judicial tribunals and in different appeal committees.
    • Our lawyers appear regularly in the aforementioned courts and they are experienced, quick-thinking, creative, persuasive, and conduct themselves effectively even in stressful situations. However, what makes them true litigators is their passion and love for their profession and their enjoyment and skill in representing others in court.
    • At the Zelcer Law Firm, we are very thorough, carefully studying each case to ensure that we clearly understand the requirements. In this way, we are able to provide the best and most creative legal action to any challenge that arises during our representation of our clients in court.
    • We consider each of our clients an integral part of our ‘work team’, so we always explain all of the procedures that are part of the legal process. By doing this, we empower the client to play an active role in their case, which allows us to achieve the best results. With the guidance and explanations we provide our clients, we give them the tools needed to make educated and informed decisions regarding the legal process.

    The litigation procedure in court is competitive, with each party striving to tip the scales in their favor. While maintaining firm control over the factual and legal infrastructure of the case, the representing litigator will still show sensitivity and empathy towards the client. At the Zelcer Law Firm, we maintain our humanity and minimize the damage our clients face as a result of the litigation process, while still providing aggressive legal representation.

    Business Litigation

    Running a successful business today is challenging. When you’re faced with a dispute or claim against your business, your financial resources, time, and energy can be negatively impacted. Litigations are costly, lengthy, and with today’s legalities and regulations, business litigations can even threaten a company’s very existence.

    With this in mind, it is critical to use the services of a competent and knowledgeable attorney who has extensive experience in business litigation. With their expertise and business acumen, this type of attorney will fully grasp the impact of a lawsuit on the survival of your business and build a litigation strategy accordingly.

    In some cases, litigation is not a practical approach, especially when it does not make financial sense. For example, spending one year of profit on legal services to chase two months of revenue is not good business practice. A skilled attorney in business litigation should have a strong commercial understanding in addition to their legal qualifications. After all, it’s not just about winning a case, but about securing the future of your business.

    Types of Business Litigation

    Business litigation in Israel includes a wide range of claims, including malpractice, contract law, payment disputes, class action, and many others. These lawsuits are often filed against your business by an employee, customer, supplier, or even another company or organization.

    Among other services, the Zelcer Law Office offers business litigation in the following areas:

    • Breach of contract and contract disputes
    • Real estate litigation
    • Liquidation of partnerships
    • Real estate disputes
    • Client contractor disputes  
    • Construction defect lawsuit
    • Dissolution of real estate partnerships
    • Landlord-tenant conflicts 
    • Tenant evictions 
    • Disputes regarding realtor services
    • proceedings before the Supervisor of condominiums (BATIM MESHUTAFIM)
    • Breach of fiduciary duty
    • Partnership and shareholder disputes
    • Unfair business practices
    • Commercial disputes
    • Enforcement and collections

    If we are presented with a business litigation case or a legal requirement within a field that we do not specialize, we have immediate access to other professional attorneys who will provide assistance in the required legal fields.

    About Our Business Litigation Services

    The Zelcer Law Firm specializes in business litigation. Here are some of the reasons our team is among the best in the business litigation arena:

    • We have a skilled litigation department that assists clients throughout the legal process, offering representation in all judicial tribunals and courts, including the District Court, the Supreme Court or the High Court of Justice. We also represent clients in different appeal committees, mediation and arbitration proceedings, and in quasi-judicial tribunals.
    • One of our greatest strengths lies in our understanding of the impact of business litigations. For this reason, we first offer effective alternative solutions such as mediation or arbitration to help you avoid the litigation process, when possible.
    • In many situations, litigation cannot be avoided, and in these cases we ensure that both the litigator and the client are properly prepared. By studying the case carefully, we assess and anticipate the risks involved for our clients. It’s important to us that there is a clear understanding of the legal requirements, as well as any challenges that may arise.
    • Our attorneys are true litigators with experience seeing the big picture without losing sight of the small details. With their business knowledge, the attorney is able to assist the client in meeting their business objectives during the course of the legal proceedings.
      We appear regularly in various courts, giving us the ability to think on our feet and handle stressful situations. Throughout the litigation process, the litigator will analyze the proceedings and adjust their strategy as needed.
    • One of the most compelling reasons for our success at the Zelcer Law Firm is that our team of litigators is passionate about what they do, using their skills to achieve the best results for our clients in court.

    At the Zelcer Law Firm, we understand how difficult business litigations can be, which is why we show our clients empathy and sensitivity. Our attorneys take the time to clearly explain the litigation process to the client so they can make educated decisions and work together as a team to achieve the best possible outcome.

    Mediation and Dispute Resolution

    Arbitration and mediation proceedings have become a common and acceptable alternative form of conflict resolution. The inherent benefit in each of these options is that they are cheaper, faster, and more direct than litigation. Today, court litigations are long, tedious processes that involve significant expenses that most parties would prefer to avoid.

    The mediation process allows parties to resolve conflict by coming to a mutual agreement that balances the feelings and needs of each side. When the mediation process is conducted properly, the conflict can be resolved with a positive outcome for both parties and often, the failed relationship can also be repaired.

    Whether you are facing a lawsuit and have been sent to mediation by the court or you have elected to go to mediation independently, it is recommended that you give mediation a real opportunity to resolve the conflict to make the most out of the process.

    The mediation process is successful when the mediation agreement is signed with the full consent and agreement from both parties on how the conflict will be resolved. This agreement requires the approval of the court in order to obtain the validity of the judgment.

    Compared to the mediation process, the arbitration procedure is an alternative process where an arbitrator replaces a judge in deciding the outcome of a dispute. The parties involved may choose the arbitration procedure without selecting the arbitrator or the parties may select a specific arbitrator who will decide between them during the dispute.

    The arbitrator may be a professional in the subject area of the dispute or a person whose opinion is respected by both parties involved in the conflict, irrespective of whether this person has legal training or not. The advantage of arbitration proceedings is that they are normally much shorter than litigations. The arbitration award, in the same way as the mediation agreement, requires approval of the court in order to obtain validity of the judgment.

    About Our Mediation and Arbitration Services
    The Zelcer Law Firm provides representation services in mediation and arbitration proceedings between individuals and companies, as well as between different entities in the business world. Additionally, Mr. Amihai Zelcer often serves as a mediator or arbitrator between parties.

    If you are looking for legal representation in mediation or arbitration proceedings, or if you require an arbitrator or mediator for a dispute with a supplier, investor, partner, or company, the Zelcer Law Firm should be your first choice.

    Here’s what sets us apart from other firms:

    • Mr. Amihai Zelcer is a graduate of the Mediation Course of the National Mediation Bar Association and has extensive knowledge in the process of mediation and arbitration, with impressive commercial experience in managing negotiations. With this experience, he achieves satisfactory results for both parties by negotiating effectively, fairly, and substantively, resulting in a resolution of the disagreement.
    • Business conflicts are inevitable, but if they are not resolved in a timely manner they can cause irreparable harm to a company. Understanding this negative impact, the Zelcer attorneys insist on managing proceedings as quickly as possible, with efficiency, intelligence, and sensitivity.
    • The attorneys at the Zelcer Law Firm are always available and accessible. Our clients receive immediate responses to all their needs and inquiries. We offer this level of service to ensure that every one of our clients feels confident that we will attend to their questions promptly.
    • As the head of the office, Mr. Amihai Zelcer is involved in the arbitration or mediation process from the moment a client makes contact with the firm right up to when a final agreement is reached.

    Although an arbitrator or mediator can be any professional with knowledge of the business or subject at the center of a conflict, it is preferable that they are qualified attorneys with a legal education and also a familiarity with the subject in dispute. An attorney has extensive experience in drafting legal documents and is well-versed in the law, which is beneficial when it comes to arbitration and mediation agreements. When these agreements reach the court, they are more likely to be approved because they are written in accordance with the law.

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