Personal Injury US

Personal Injury US

In recent years, many Israelis travel to the United States for business trips or vacations. Additionally, there has been a large increase in the number of U.S. citizens immigrating to Israel over the last few years. Whether you were personally injured in the U.S. during a business trip or a vacation, or whether the damage happened to a U.S. citizen who immigrated to Israel, you can have peace of mind that there is someone who can assist you in obtaining the appropriate compensation for the damage caused to you while in the USA. The U.S. legal system recognizes the rights of those who are injured as well as their rights to receive compensation for their injuries and damage.

Personal Injury in the United States

  • We at the Zelcer Law Firm will be happy to provide you with the relevant legal advice that will assist you in obtaining compensation for the damages caused to you by the misconduct of another while in the USA.

    Our firm works in close cooperation with leading American firms who specialize in representing plaintiffs who wish to receive compensation for damages caused to them in the U.S. within the following areas:

    • Car accident claims in the U.S such as SUV and DUI accidents
    • Medical malpractice claims in the U.S.
    • Claims for damages caused by dangerous drugs in the U.S.
    • Work accident claims in the U.S. such as construction accidents
    • Motorcycle accident claims in the U.S.
    • Bus accident claims in the U.S.
    • Head injury claims in the U.S.
    • Product liability claims in the U.S. such as auto products and defective medical products
    • Birth injury claims in the U.S.
    • Personal injury claims in the U.S. such as abuse, dog bites, child injury and more
    • Workers compensation claims in the U.S.
    • Slip and fall accident claims in the U.S. including premises liability

    U.S. tort claims are a complex subject that requires professional and unique expertise. Since we are often dealing with claims on a significant economic scale, this requires knowledge, experience and familiarity with the American legal system. Due to the special nature of these claims, you need a law firm that best suits and meets these requirements.

    So what makes us at the Zelcer Law Firm suitable to meet the demands of U.S. tort claims and why should you make contact with us? 

    Our firm collaborates directly with various leading and first class personal injury law firms in the U.S., who have extensive experience as well as a high success rate in verdicts and settlements. These firms lead the claim for the victims with professionalism, experience and with full sensitivity in order to obtain the appropriate compensation for the damage caused to them. They also invest a lot of time in preparing the client for each step of the case including the hearings, negotiations and the trial so that the client is fully prepared and confident throughout the stressful process.

    We at the Zelcer Law Firm fully understand that our clients are not well versed and proficient with the American legal system and for that reason we support them with patience and understanding, providing full explanations in Hebrew or English (as required) regarding the status of their claims. We provide you with the ability to open a claim in the U.S. while receiving service in Hebrew from a local firm that is available during normal working hours in Israel. It is also possible to arrange update meetings at our office in Israel. We will spare you the difficulty of making contact with a foreign office that is not familiar with dealing with clients who do not speak English fluently and who are not familiar with representation of victims who are not U.S. citizens. Due to the welcoming attitude and patience of each one of the attorneys in our firm, we take the time to carefully explain each step of the process required in order to obtain compensation for our clients. That is, from the very first moment you decided to open a compensation claim in the U.S., right up to the final moment that you receive the relevant compensation.

    Mr. Amihai Zelcer, who is the head of the Zelcer Law Firm, served for five years as a local representative in a leading U.S. firm. The connections and relationships that Mr. Zelcer built over these years provide us with the added value and advantage in representing tort claims in the U.S.

    Our close collaboration with leading American law firms enables those who are injured in the U.S. to claim the compensation that is rightfully due to them, without the need to experience all the difficulties and concerns of locating and retaining an American lawyer. Our Israeli law firm provides services in English and in Hebrew to U.S. citizens who are located in Israel as well as to those visiting the U.S. and who require legal advice regarding tort claims within the USA.

    In order to ensure that we ‘practice what we preach’, we invite you to a free initial consultation so that you can personally experience our professionalism as well as our experience and knowledge within the field of U.S. tort claims. 

    For more information and to schedule a free initial consultation, please call 077-2200122

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Dan Schwartz

Amihai is extremely professional and I was quite pleased with the end settlement. I would definitely recommend this Law Firm to anyone who is in need of a personal injury attorney in the U.S.. Especially if they live in Israel.