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Tenant Eviction Attorney Ramat Gan, Israel

Disputes between landlords and tenants in Israel often end up in court because the relationship between the two parties can be a legal jungle. A 2011 report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, ranked Israel as one of the biggest culprits when assessing rental-market regulations, particularly in the field of the landlord-tenant relationship.

Understanding Evictions in Israel

There is a very strong misperception that the landlord is always the stronger party in any dispute with the tenant, but very often, the structure of the law regarding tenant eviction Israel in providing protection for the tenant, weakens the position of the landlord considerably. This protection means that as a landlord, you need to have the finest legal team available in your corner in any conflict with your tenant.

Know Your Rights

Every landlord needs to realize that it is extremely difficult to take any form of eviction action against the tenant unless you have obtained a proper eviction order from a judge in the relevant court. Until such time as the eviction order has been issued, no action to prevent the tenant using the accommodation, such as changing of door locks and removal of the tenant’s possessions, is allowed under the tenant protection laws in Israel. The Zelcer Law Firm, based in Ramat Gan, is ideally suited and qualified to take care of the entire legal process, should it become necessary to seek the eviction of a tenant.

The Zelcer Law Firm

Amihai Zelcer, principal of Zelcer Law Firm, is a member of the Land and Property Forum of the Israeli Bar Association and an expert on all property related legal matters. Being a property investor himself, he fully understands the many frustrations and problems a landlord very often has to face when a tenant is in breach of a rental contract and refuses to vacate the accommodation.

The entire process of tenant eviction in Israel can be time consuming and traumatic for any landlord and in order to complete the legal process as speedily as possible, merely having a leading firm, such as the Zelcer Law Firm, on your side, means that half the battle is already won. They are equipped to assist and to professionally guide you through the entire process with as little hassle as possible.