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Lawyer to Sue in Ramat Gan, Israel

Whenever you face the prospect of a lawsuit or are looking to institute legal proceedings, you need the best legal team you can get on your side. The Zelcer Law Firm has quickly established itself as the destination of choice for individuals or businesses looking for a lawyer to sue in Israel. The firm’s lawyers handle a wide variety of cases within all levels of the nation’s legal system and abroad.

Zelcer’s Process for Handling Lawsuits

Amihai Zelcer and his legal team represent the firm’s clients, whether they are defendants or plaintiffs, at district, magistrate, labor and Administrative courts as well as the Israeli Supreme Court.
The Zelcer Law Firm represents a wide range of clients who are faced with lawsuits or require arbitration of civil and commercial disputes. As the firm’s clients have come to expect, the firm works hard to ensure that disputes can be resolved without requiring litigation. However, if going to court becomes inevitable, the litigation lawyers at Zelcer are at hand to ensure that their clients are prepared in the best way possible.
The knowledge of civil procedure and litigation-related laws in Israel, allied with extensive experience representing individual and corporate clients is an especially valuable asset to international clients. The firm’s lawyers also have the requisite knowledge to work with their corporate clients’ in-house legal teams.

The law firm’s team does its best to assist their clients to scrutinize a legal conflict in intimate detail and to devise effective solutions that will result in a high chance of a favorable result in court.

The Zelcer Law Firm Advantage

The Zelcer Law Firm occupies a unique position in the industry that allows it to provide clients with the best professional legal advice if one is sued or is looking to sue in Israel. With the experience within the legal team and the skills of the different professionals from other fields that are often contracted by the firm, clients are assured of a personalized service that reflects its commitment to their interests.
The law firm’s founder Amihai Zelcer, along with the rest of the lawyers within the firm, offer their personalized attention to all of their clients. In cases where a lawsuit requires specialized knowledge, clients can rest assured that the firm has a lawyer with particular expertise in each area of the law.

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