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The law in Israel is dynamic, as in most other jurisdictions, with court decisions and judgments forming the basis for constantly changing case law. In addition to this, with Israel being a relatively young country, various legal statutes are still developing and being brought into law by the country’s legislators.

Understanding Israeli Law


For the first thirty or so years, Israel was based very much on a socialist type system, with many laws remaining unchanged from the days of the British Mandate. More market oriented governments have been elected over the last twenty years and while changes have been slow in coming, many laws changed during 2015. This requires a dynamic approach by the law firms and the Zelcer Law Firm is one of the leaders in keeping up with changes to the various laws to ensure that their clients receive pertinent and useful advice.

The Zelcer Law Firm

Many of the changes are not only in the purely legal arena but also relate to the deregulation of the economy, changes to the stock exchange rules as well as changes to the taxation rules to encourage market incentivization. Amihai Zelcer, the founder and principal of the law firm bearing his name, has had many years of practice in Israel as well as having represented a top United States law firm in Israel. He is personally active in the investment and property worlds and as such, is ideally suited to providing advice and counsel to both local and international investors who want to benefit from the relaxation of certain commercial laws.

The lawyers at the Zelcer Law Firm keep their fingers on the pulse of all new legislation as well as changing case law, to ensure that they and their clients always have the edge over the opposition. Their approach to client service and the personal relationships that they build with clients has become a very important factor for the firm. While he is not able to attend to each individual matter, Amihai Zelcer makes his expertise and knowledge available to all the firm’s clients. He keeps a watching brief over every matter being dealt with in a continual endeavor to have his firm rated as the best law firm in Israel by its clients.

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