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Although the legal system in Israel has been influenced by Western culture, it does not fall under either Civil Law or the English Common Law families. Instead, its character can be said to be the result of a number of mixed jurisdictions. For example, the court system of Israel is made up of both a general court alongside several specialized courts.

Because of the uniqueness of the country’s laws and legal processes, it is vital for you to seek the services of Amihai Zelcer, the best advocate in Tel Aviv.


One of the things that identify a good lawyer or law firm is that they come highly recommended by either their clients or other trusted sources. Although regulations prevent the Israel Bar from making their own recommendations, you may take the time to look for and read online reviews and to look for testimonials. This will provide you with valuable insight into the advocate and their abilities.

The law is a very specialized field, and when seeking an advocate in Tel Aviv to offer you legal counsel or to represent you, it is vital to consider their specialization. For example, the best real estate attorney may know absolutely nothing about criminal law. The brilliant lawyer who wins a large corporate tussle could be lost in a case regarding a traffic accident. The Zelcer Law Firm has a large team of legal experts specializing in different disciplines to ensure that you are adequately represented, regardless of the nature of your legal issue.


Amihai Zelcer, who is the founder and principal attorney at the firm, has practiced in Tel Aviv for many years, and has represented tens of top local and international firms. Amihai always ensures that his vast knowledge of Israeli and international law can be tapped by his firm’s attorneys and clients. He also keeps brief on all matters that the firm deals with, ensuring that the Zelcer Law Firm is consistently listed as one of the best law firms in the nation.

Local Knowledge

If you are in Tel Aviv and require a lawyer, in particular for a criminal, tax or property case, the best choice is one who is local. This is because you will appreciate local knowledge when your advocate has to deal with local tenants or landlords, the police or the tax office. A local team of attorneys like those at the Zelcer Law Firm also know judges and court officials and are familiar with court processes, enabling them to effectively deal with your legal requirements.

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